Irresistible Love with Mafia Irresistible Love with Mafia

Irresistible Love with Mafia

| Ongoing
Manogyna Marthi
Explicitly 18+, contains strong sex and violence. Carson Campbell - People address him as a seraph for he looks at their problems without asking, like a mother towards her infant. When evil triumphs the good, the ethical entrepreneur loses his patience and becomes a mafia don. He is the devil who could even shake Hades. Scarlett Taylor - she is in her sixth year of pursuing her career as a junior officer in NSA. So far in her service Ms Taylor had eleven postings in the most challenging places because she was the role model of honesty and sincerity She is now transferred to Newyork from California to catch Carson red handed doing mafia dealings and arrest him. Will Scarlett be successful in doing her duty towards the nation or become another scapegoat in dealing with the crime syndicate? Read Irresistible Sex with Mafia More
Chapter 121 Epilogue
2022-12-12 16:29